The Platform

Larry's message is a simple one - more money in your pocket, support our first responders and find creative solutions to address educational opportunities for our young people. 

lower taxes

Larry Taylor will always remember those taxes come from your wallet and should be kept there as much as possible. When the choice comes to keeping or returning more of your hard-earned dollars or taking it, Larry is committed to your bottom line. 

Larry will be an advocate for: 

  • Fiscal Responsibility

  • Your Bottom Line

  • Accountability of Tax Dollars

public safety

We are seeing the most violence on our streets in the history of Lynchburg. Our Fire Department is severely understaffed, and 9-1-1 calls are sometimes reported as "dropped" again due to inadequate issues. 


Larry will be an advocate for:​

  • Supporting our first responders with competitive pay and staffing ratios. 

  • Empowering law enforcement officers to successfully protect the city. 

  • Prioritizing the safety of residents.

educational opportunity

Lynchburg City Schools can and must be better. Lately, and if able, many are choosing alternatives like home or private schooling. But many students/families have no opportunity for educating their children and are left with an inferior product. 

Larry will be an advocate for: 

  • Appointing leaders to the School Board who prioritize student success and parental insight. 

  • Unwavering dedication to excellence.

  • Investing in front-line educators.

fire up the
local economy

Lynchburg was ranked as the slowest growing economy in Virginia (ODU report warns Virginia is ‘pulling apart’)

We need to give a spark to our stagnant local economy and your bank account, incentivizing growth for the entire city.

Larry will be an advocate for: 

  • Workforce development/vocational training

  • Easing business taxes in the city. 

  • Directing City Hall to focus heavily on business development and expansion.